Mental Training Specialist

Born on 06/05/1971 in Latisana (UD), Italy

  • Psychological Counselor – Corporeal sports and private , member of the professional register SICo Italy, entry No. A1826.
  • Lecturer at the University of Medicine and Surgery of Udine (2008-2012).
  • Opened with Rosarita Gagliardi “Deep Inside Project” – a project on the development and research of mental training techniques and breathing – responsible for training and teaching.
  • For the scientific part opens “Deep Inside Science” with research projects (report and exploration of respiration, body and mind) in collaboration with physiologists, neurophysiologists, and researchers from the University of Udine, Brescia, Humanitas, Milan and Geneva.
  • Apnea Academy Instructor, Executive Director Apnea Academy, is part of the training team instructors of the International School of Umberto Pelizzari.
  • Collaborate with the team ADN Swim Project Andrea Di Nino
  • He collaborates with the Italian National Synchronized Swimming, follows international level athletes, Olympians and world record holders in different sports.
  • President of Apnea Academy Freediving Competition and Evolution.
  • Author of the book on mental training techniques and methodology “Deep Inside” works with sports clubs and companies for training of staff and technicians.
  • He works with some special units of the armed forces, with the Fire Department water rescue, civil protection and 118.
  • Trainer / educator of special school project “The Sea in the eyes of the child and boy” and the “Charter of Rights of the Sea”